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MNOC Board Meeting Minutes: September 2006

Date: September 13, 2006
Location: Fischer's house
The meeting was called to order at 7:20 p.m.

Present: Julia Bohnen, Mike Carlson, Ian Harding, Stephen Bullard, Molly Johnston, Julie Tanner Fischer

  1. Approval of minutes

    Julia made the motion to approve the July 2006 minutes, seconded by Mike, motion was accepted unanimously.

  2. Recent Events

    Rogaine about 50 people - biggest turnout yet. If we were to use this location again, possibly find a more central location for the start: stay away from horse area as it was busy, but others areas seem to be good, especially southeast area of the map. Good venue in terms of terrain, not buggy, good map. Camping wasn't highly used by MNOC folks. MNOC provided burgers for potluck, good mix of food - discussed organizing food more but too much work. Overall the event went well.

    William O'Brien 9/9: Good courses, although because it was burned two years ago, the NW corner was full of nettles, vegetation difficult; hopefully woods will outgrow it at some point. Good turnout, 119 participants, including about 25 ROTC, some local folks. Didn't charge for E punch for ease of administration, but decided we should keep charging going forward as there would be wear and tear costs and also about 12-15 members have their own E-punch. There was a backup on Orange for awhile. Only 27 controls for this event but set up really well - this shows how E-punch helps in that the course can be more convoluted with fewer controls. Discussed that E-punch would be the norm for advanced courses and it would be expected that you would use the E-punch rather than the manual punch. Concerns over control punch sliding down - need to be aware when setting them up and possibly add tape under E-punch. By deleting extraneous programs on the drive, Ian has the laptop working better now for E-punch use. It's all pre-programmed now; just have to put in the courses. Possibly do workshop on using E-punch on the computer in early 2007.

  3. Upcoming Events

    Willow River 9/24: No meet director as of yet. Carl & Leif Nordgren setting & vetting. Ian to check with Carl to see if he is all set up. No shelter or area set aside.

    Adventure Runs: September 29, October 13 & 20, 7 p.m. mass start at Hyland (start Nature center 29th and others start behind visitor center near picnic tables). $5 per person. Arrive around 6:30 for 7 pm start. Julia working on obtaining permit - approved, but not in hand - will fax copy to Stephen. Stephen to have courses ready (just on paper now) will start working on actual course this Sunday. Prefer pre-printed but will need to get them down. Ian and Pete to assist getting them pre-printed on 11x14 paper. Ian to assist printing on 9/29, Pete to help with October dates. Bullard to send emails to AR & Yahoo group.

    Telemark 10/7-10/8: Jerritt prepared press release for the Duluth Tribune, Pioneer Press, and check with Silent Sports. Have lost control of content for some of the free press but it seems there has been better luck if we're able to input through website. Molly to contact Skinny Ski and Badger Orienteering as well. Julia gave ideas for editing Jerritt's draft flyer. No commitments with Telemark this time - not using their land, although special rate for rooms. Julia working on getting permits, approved and in the mail - generally Bayfield County has been good about that. Also have approval from North End Ski Club (MNOC is a member) - should leave cabin clean. Propose to send thank you note with a contribution of $1/person after event. Johnstons' will be meet directors, setters & vetters. New trails for Birkie unfortunately messed up Jerritt's preliminary coursework and forced revisions. Molly to collect boxes at Willow River to bring to Telemark.

    Minnegoat 10/22 (Murphy Hanrehan): Needs to be on web soon. Map will need to be adjusted due to size. Ian will not be at this event; Mike will cover. Keith Ottoson and Colin Zehnder will be organizing this event.

    Nerstrand 11/4: Race directors & setters: Roberto Cattaneo and Steve Peterman. Limited number of controls with possibility of poor weather. Mike suggested that this would be a good event to do epunch - leave it up to Roberto. Ian to send email to Roberto to follow up.

    Possum Trot: There is a group going down - first weekend in December.

    Other: Ian out of town 10-4 through 10-25 Pete will be filling map orders.

    Ian getting requests for classes. Discussed giving people ideas as to where to go by having website reflect other classes: REI Diva Days, French Creek, Becoming An Outdoors Woman, Tamarack. As a group deciding to try to focus on being a competitive organization rather than an educational one. Meets are opportunities where new folks can receive a basic overview and try out orienteering.

  4. 2007 Schedule

    Julia to draft schedule for next meeting and then group can discuss. Some thoughts:

    • Winter meets: Two: running - winter adventure run (last year Afton no snow); not do too much, not high turnout. Mid-January & mid-February, schedule around ski races if possible, location William O'Brien & Lake Elmo (locations with building).
    • Daylight savings March 11. Meet April 1 before Easter (April 8), Hyland clinic the week before? Easter is April 8, avoid Mother's Day.
    • Frank's JROTC dates - March 31/April 1 (JROTC wants 3-4 events)
    • Currently Night-O in Spring, with change in daylight savings should we move Night-O to Fall - this way we can get four JROTC meets in. Night-O at Tamarack?
    • Four meets in spring (not too late in June - too hot and buggy) members only meet/social?
    • Spring Adventure Runs? Evaluate after fall '06.
    • Summer Adventure Race: Be part of the MARS series again, stay with July slot. Although same date as Des Moines race, didn't seem to have too much crossover. Mike will be responsible for this as well as finding suitable location for AR Tune-Up.
    • Rogaine in August: USOF convention at the 1000 day event in August so this may need to be a week later than usual, August 18 or 25. Julia & Mike to host. Plan is to go north of Telemark area. Ian believes map will be okay now - previously too much detail on USGS. We can GPS trails and put on map.
    • Any A meets? Is Badger OC doing one?
    • Fall: four meets and one Night-O; possibly going into first week of November.
    • Stephen volunteering to do 3 hour adventure race (Fall Tune Up)
    • Need to schedule meets around park rules

    Discussed applicability of the Hyland Clinic: Does it meet club goals? Do we need to build membership this way - do people actually come to meets later? Should we try Lebanon Hills, or some other locale? Club members enjoy putting this on. Ian to run Hyland Clinic date by Kate Stenson-Miller (Three-Rivers coordinator).

  5. Mapping

    Discussed availability of people or services to do mapping. Need to prioritize what the club does and if mapping is a priority, use existing money to get maps made, e.g. WI Interstate Park, Standing Cedars. Possibly have conversation with Camp Ripley (Mike Carlson.)

    • William O Brien is currently on hold
    • Camp Stearns is done: Can be used for Minnegoat, Night-O; is in OCAD, does need to be field checked.
  6. Equipment

    Need to put new controls together at next meet.

  7. On-course Water Elimination Proposal

    To eliminate water provided by MNOC on courses at O meets. Rationale:

    1. 2006 events have seen a big decline in the amount of the setter/MNOC-provided water being consumed
    2. Water is often wasted as it is difficult to haul unused water back to start during control retrieval
    3. Many folks seem to be sipping on camelbacks (or other hydration systems) which is a better way to hydrate anyway
    4. Personal hydration systems allow for better hygiene and more choice (Gu, Gatorade, Powerade, or plain water)
    5. Less work for setter/vetter and control retrieval teams (5 gallons of water weights 40 lbs!)

    There is a USOF requirement for A meets: 8 oz per competitor per 3(?) kilometer, but propose that: MNOC will not on a regular basis supply water on the course except for A meets. Julia made motion, Molly seconded, unanimous approval. This will start next spring.

  8. Newsletter

    Next press date: November 15 (after November 4 meet)

Julia made the motion to adjourn, Mike seconded, motion accepted unanimously.

The next meeting will be November 15, 2006 at Mike Carlson's house.
The meeting adjourned at 9:10 p.m.
Respectfully submitted,
Julie Tanner Fischer

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