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Event Results

MNOC Meet Results - William O'Brien State Park / January 25, 2003

The Ski-O season is in full swing if you live in New England this year, but Minnesota struck out in January for snow of any appreciable amount. The lack of snow didn't deter a few folks from coming out and practicing their orienteering skills at William O'Brien State Park on January 25th. Gerry Bauer and Ian Harding were the Course Masters, and undertook the challenge of designing courses that would be challenging for both snow and no snow conditions. As it turns out we had to utilize the no snow plan again this year. A few club veterans were joined by a few new club members to take on the courses. By all accounts everyone had fun whether on the Red, Orange, Yellow or Score-O courses. Running/hiking conditions were excellent (well a little slippery on the downhills.) The hot chocolate was a hit afterwards.

And we even got some press! A camera crew from the Minnesota State Lottery's Environmental Journal came out for the morning and interviewed club president Ian Harding and other club members. They also shot some footage of members of the club as they navigated their way over their courses.

Many thanks to those who participated in the William O'Brien meet. The winter meets take as much effort to set and vet, but are generally less well attended. Don't let your skills get rusty - not to mention your bodies! Come on out for a winter meet whether on ski, snowshoe or foot! Thanks also to those who volunteered to help run the meet and pick up controls: Gerry Bauer, Ian Harding, Peter Curtis, Richard Chin, Andrea and Peter Schneider, Jim Dickerson, and Mike Carlson.

-- Julia Bohnen

Courses: Yellow, Orange, Red, Score-O
Participants: 24 (19 cards)

Yellow   Compare 7  
Betsy LindleyU of M1:02:10
Kathy RosenowU of M1:02:10
Vince Laraia, Michael Laraia, Thomas LaraiaMNOC1:05:30
Omar Sprandel1:06:00
Jiwoung KimU of M1:53:00
Orange   Compare 4  
Peter Laraia, Andrea SchneiderMNOC0:52:00
Alexis McCarthyMNOC1:15:55
Jim DickersonMNOC1:20:45
Red   Compare 10  
Pete CurtisMNOC0:59:00
Mike CarlsonMNOC1:04:15
Darryn KozakMNOC1:10:30
Julia BohnenMNOC1:10:55
Jim MullinMNOC1:24:30
Dean SpauldingMNOC1:41:30
Shaun McKinlayMNOC1:42:15
Simon Schaefer, Shana Schaefer2:16:30
Jeanne LaBoreMNOCDNF
Richard ChinMNOC28
Mary Jo Wuetrich, Joan Furlong16

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