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Event Results

MNOC Meet Results - Battle Creek Regional Park / April 6, 2003

The sun was bright but the air cold and breezy (in the 30's) as we started the opening salvo of orienteers just before noon. By the time we started to pick up controls clouds had moved in.

Somewhere around 160+ orienteers navigated six different courses where there were in excess of 50 controls total that were set and vet by John Christensen and Cindy Porter. Only one person that I knew was still on standard time as the clocks moved ahead for daylight savings time in the wee hours of the morning.

I'd like to thank Greg Peterson, Jim Ryan, Robb Lageson, Wallace Wadd, and Gerald Bauer who had committed to volunteer. I'd like to thank many others who stepped in like Ian for the entire day, Pete with results, Dave, Sam, Doris, Schneider family, and others who helped with control retrieval.

All in all a very successful day and fun for all.

-- Roger Sadecki

Courses: White, Yellow, Orange, Brown, Green, Red
Participants: 123 (97 cards)

White (13 controls)   Compare 17  
Chris FinsecaU of M0:46:36
Heidi Kees0:50:15
Violeta Djambazova, Vessie Djambazova, Katia DjambazovaMNOC0:55:00
Mary Gazca, Beka Hamlett-Leisen0:57:10
Carl Johnson, Steven JohnsonLutheran Pioneers0:57:55
Doug GardnerLutheran Pioneers1:02:00
Michelle Horan, Dave Horan, John Horan, Maggie Horan1:17:00
Jacob Peil, Rafael PeilLutheran Pioneers1:28:30
Abbie WestbergLutheran Pioneers1:30:00
Yellow (13 controls)   Compare 20  
Kent McCormack, Dusty McCormack0:38:25
Mie HagiwaraU of M0:42:50
Jonathan Sudberry0:43:55
Ian Bui0:52:00
David Cho0:53:55
Mary Speidel0:54:30
Nath Pickering, Keith PickeringMNOC1:01:00
Amber MurrayThe A-Team1:02:25
Annie LuxThe A-Team1:02:25
Stacy McDonough1:06:50
Kristin Luskey1:06:50
Chris HepfnerLutheran Pioneers1:14:00
Alex CarlsonLutheran Pioneers1:14:00
Ryan Bensen1:19:00
Warren TaylorLutheran Pioneers1:19:00
Jonathan WestbergLutheran Pioneers1:19:00
Don EganMNOC1:54:00
Brandon Schulz1:54:30
Orange (14 controls)   Compare 40  
Mark ByersU of M0:31:40
Benjamin Portilla0:43:20
Katherine H., Mark L.MNOC0:55:39
David Marks1:04:25
Richard Cargill1:12:40
Josh CarlsonU of M1:15:20
Matt SanteU of M1:15:20
Joyce Albers, Erik TyrrellU of M1:17:30
Wallace WaddMNOC1:21:15
Colin Marty, Mike DaviesU of M1:21:55
Lisa AxelU of M1:25:00
Karin ReaMNOC1:25:20
Jiwoung KimU of M1:27:00
Susan EvansMNOC1:35:00
Robert AllenMNOC1:35:00
Brendan DolanU of M1:35:30
Tate Carlson, Jennifer Wixon1:41:00
Todd Peterson, Jeanette Peterson, Julie Foote, Drew FooteOne Big Happy Family1:42:00
Heather Lofgren, Beth Benson1:51:00
Sara Lofgren, Ashley Benson1:51:15
Alex BlankLutheran Pioneers1:55:30
Megan McLean2:01:00
Jesse Lee2:01:00
Anders Bjornberg, Nicole DurocheU of M2:09:30
Sara, Amy2:13:00
Mary ZalazarVenture Crew 6133:11:00
Alex DufresneDNF
Amanda Johnson, Rachel H.Lutheran PioneersDNF
Brown (13 controls)   Compare 13  
Robert GalvinU of M0:58:50
Justin Bakken1:07:00
Arne GarvanderMNOC1:10:00
Andrea Schneider, Peter Laraia, Michael LaraiaMNOC1:28:10
David LaRochelleMNOC1:30:30
Rod HaleMNOC1:33:00
David Wiechmann1:36:00
Donnie PhyillaierMNOC1:44:30
Kathi MullinMNOC1:51:15
Rob Vaughn, Jen RandU of M2:16:00
Green (18 controls)   Compare 14  
Andrei Karpov0:39:50
Andis Skromanis0:43:10
Leif NordgrenMNOC1:11:50
Sonne NordgrenMNOC1:17:30
Sam MeddaughMNOC1:18:28
Heather BairdMNOC1:19:20
Rhonda CarlbergMNOC1:36:15
Robb Lageson1:39:15
Dave Moore1:39:50
Jeanne LaBoreMNOC2:21:50
Doug Sheely2:31:00
Alex Blackburn, Barb BlackburnMNOC2:34:00
Jim DickersonMNOC2:37:00
Red (21 controls)   Compare 19  
Owen BairdMNOC0:48:05
Kevin TeschendorfBadger OC0:49:28
Ian HardingMNOC0:52:50
Plamen DjambazovMNOC0:55:20
Pete CurtisMNOC0:58:25
Graham BairdMNOC1:01:30
Darryn KozakMNOC1:04:20
Carl NordgrenMNOC1:10:40
Brian Dahl1:16:40
Dave WesenMNOC1:21:25
Jim MullinMNOC1:22:50
Alan HoltanBadger OC1:24:20
Josh LewandowskiWhite Noise Nordic1:25:20
Richard ChinMNOC1:28:25
Robert GalvinU of M1:38:00
Dean SpauldingMNOC1:45:45
Gerry BauerMNOC1:46:45
Doris IkierMNOC1:47:00
Bruce Buckmaster2:28:15

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