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MNOC Meet Results - Winter Adventure Run / January 7, 2007

Winter Adventure Race? With the lack of snow it was back to Plan B. Scrap the Nordic ski leg and the snowshoeing - and for the second year in a row the Winter Adventure Race became an Adventure Run with all teams trekking on foot.

50 Adventure Runners decided to adapt and give it a go, and as the start signal was given, it was off into the woods to make quick work of the first loop of two that made up the longer course of approximately 11K. After the first 4 controls, which required a couple of shallow creek crossings (one frozen and one open that tested participants' broad jump skills), the teams entered a predominantly open grassy field area where they had the choice of order on controls 4-10. The wide open fields helped teams in their navigation and grassy areas matted down by snow created fast conditions. Good sight lines helped teams stay in touch with their competition and at the end of the first loop Solo Stephen Regenold was leading the field in 46:55 as he picked up his map for the 2nd loop and headed out. Hot on Stephen's heels were the strong Adventure Run teams Mo Biz Mo Luv (with Justen Bakken and Molly Moilanen) who split the first loop in 47:26, followed by Gnome Hunters (led by Pete Curtis) 29 seconds later.

Next in was 3 member coed team WEDALI followed by the 2 person coed team from Iowa, Ted Nugent, that arrived in after the first loop in 49:06 and 49:33 respectively.

The second loop, despite being shorter, was designed to be tougher navigationally and slowed the pace of all teams, but favored teams that were stronger in that area. In the end, Mo Biz Mo Luv gapped Solo Stephen Regenold on the run to the finish after the last control and managed the overall win by a minute in 1:24:40. Stephen Regenold was the first solo in 1:25:41 and the first 3/4 person team was Gnome Hunters, finishing just 3 seconds later. Ted Nugent managed to close the gap on the 3 members of WEDALI and they finished together in 1:33:06 to round out the top 5.

In the short course, 3/4 person coed, Big Tuna clocked in at 1:28:40 after one loop to win the short course.

Thanks to everyone who came out. I hope everyone had a good time and enjoyed themselves.

Special thanks to Jerritt Johnson and Kari Soderlind who spent time and effort to help me set the course, and Ian Harding, Julia Bohnen, Mike Carlson, Peter Curtis and Gerry Bauer who helped with control retrieval. Sorry if I missed anyone.

-- Stephen Bullard

Courses: Short, Solo, 2-Person, 3/4-Person
Participants: 48 (20 cards)

Short (6.8 km; 13 controls)   Compare 8  
Verónica Jaralambides-Polston, Chris Polston, Caroline EricksonBig Tuna1:28:40
Diane Kuhn, Bob SwansonSuckers1:51:51
SteveScrew Logic1:54:41
Ben Sevenson, Sara CollingsThe Tigers2:11:50
Solo (11.1 km; 24 controls)   Compare 1   Splits Analysis
Stephen RegenoldYoshimi Solo1:25:41
2-Person (11.1 km; 24 controls)   Compare 18   Splits Analysis
Justin Bakken, Molly MoilanenMo Biz Mo Luv1:24:40
Jason, AndreaTed Nugent1:33:06
Josh Cagle, Nik LewandowskiAugie Wrestlers1:52:45
Tim Maloney, Rachel MaloneyCreeping Malstroth1:55:00
Dan Williams, Rebecca LundbergMandatory Gear1:55:00
Peter Wenter, Mel Wenter2:08:15
David Robinson, Darrell LouderOff The Map2:10:50
Karl Wolfe, Chuck RegenoldOld Dogs2:19:05
Joanie, JackieDonald Trump/Rosie O'Donnell Conflict Management Team 3:36:37
3/4-Person (11.1 km; 24 controls)   Compare 21   Splits Analysis
Pete Curtis, Brian Durand, Rick Jarema, Val LaRosaGnome Hunters1:25:44
Ellen Farseth, Scott Lund, Scott ErlandsonWEDALI (partial)1:33:06
Dave Swanson, Chris Swanson, Will EddyGnome Hunters Too1:53:33
Dan Reese, Wynn Hagemeyer, Stephanie Westhoff, Dick KacherostThe Runs2:03:31
Karen Plolefor, David Schoeller, Mike Endrizzi, Christina RobertMaddy's Foursome2:15:30
Julie Peterson, Hattie Dombroski, Patsey MabryFerocious Bunnies5:13:00

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