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Event Results

MNOC Meet Results - Hyland Lake Park Reserve / March 29, 2008

RouteGadget is available for this event!

Setter: Ian Harding
Courses: Sprint F, Sprint M
Participants: 16 (16 cards)

Sprint F (2.74 km; 11 controls)   Compare 1   Splits Analysis
Val Shuster31:59
Sprint M (2.74 km; 11 controls)   Compare 15   Splits Analysis
Pete CurtisMNOC15:03
Jerritt JohnstonMNOC16:55
Tony KeysMNOC18:33
Dave SwansonMNOC19:46
Gediminas AdomaviciusMNOC19:49
Alastair KeysMNOC20:13
Tom PuzakMNOC20:38
Stephen BullardMNOC21:22
Mike CarlsonMNOC21:40
Matthias MuntwilerMNOC22:02
Lane PhillipsMNOC23:19
Julia BohnenMNOC23:46
Todd PetersonMNOC28:17
Rick Odgers34:45
Ian HardingMNOC16:47 (NR)

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