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Event Results

MNOC Meet Results - 2008 Minnegoat Weekend / October 11, 2008

Meet Director: Owen Baird
Setter: Owen Baird
Vetter: Mike Carlson, Heather Baird, Annelise Baird
Registration: Owen Baird, Mike Carlson
Start/Finish: Owen Baird, Mike Carlson
Control Retrieval: Molly Moilanen, Justin Bakken, Jerritt Johnston, Todd Peterson, Owen Baird, Mike Carlson, Ian Harding, Alex Izzo
Courses: Orange, Mini-goat, Minnegoat
Participants: 39 (29 cards)

Orange (4.5 km; 8 controls)   Compare 19  
Lor Thao, Qoua Thao, Johnathon Vang1:57:00
Joe Vang, Tony Thao1:59:00
Dave Moore2:00:00
David Her, Adam Vue, Jet Li Vang2:03:00
Johnny Her, John Vue2:03:25
Feng Thao, Mark Thao2:04:24
Judy Martineau, Kasey Martineau2:59:39
Daisy ChristophersonDNF
Elena Cattaneo, Iris Cattaneo, Laura CattaneoDNF
Mini-goat (8.3 km; 14 controls)   Compare 9  
Andrei KarpovMNOC1:26:27
Nate Oglesbee1:51:57
Michael ChristophersonMNOC2:28:07
Darryn KozakMNOC2:51:01
Tom MartineauMNOC3:48:30
Jim DickersonMNOCDNF
Will DanielsDNF
Peter DanielsDNF
Roberto CattaneoMNOCDNF
Minnegoat (15.8 km; 23 controls)   Compare 11  
Justin BakkenMNOC2:07:04
Pete CurtisMNOC2:13:08
Jerritt JohnstonMNOC2:48:58
Ian HardingMNOC2:49:09
Tom PuzakMNOC3:18:37
Pete AlwinMNOC3:31:23
Stephen RegenoldMNOC3:46:02
Jim MullinMNOC3:50:52
Alex IzzoMNOC4:15:55
Molly MoilanenMNOC4:54:52
Chuck RegenoldMNOC4:56:48

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