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Event Results

MNOC Meet Results - Hyland Lake Park Reserve / March 24, 2012

Setting: Ian Harding, Pete Curtis, Peter Wentzel
Classes: Ian Harding
Instruction: Ian Harding, Mike Carlson, Christian Franken, Georgia Nothdurft, Todd Peterson, Erin Binder, Richard Chin, Anne Flueckiger, Jim Mullin, Joel Swanson, Kathi Mullin, Sam Meddaugh, John Foley, Stephen Bullard, Emily Pollack, Bruce Koprucki, Julia Bohnen, Pete Curtis, Peter Wentzel
Volunteer Coordinator: Julia Bohnen
Control Retrieval: Mike Carlson, Todd Peterson, Erin Binder, Peter Wentzel, Stephen Bullard, Andrei Karpov
Courses: Sprint
Participants: 15 (15 cards)

Sprint   Compare 15   Splits Analysis
Andrei KarpovMNOC15:00
Peter WentzelMNOC16:58
Lane PhillipsMNOC23:07
Erin BinderMNOC23:21
Philip StrommeMNOC23:25
Stephen Bullard 23:42
Joel SwansonMNOC24:14
Jim MullinMNOC24:30
Julia Bohnen 25:39
Christian FrankenMNOC29:17
Martin DjambazovMNOC46:16
Charlotte SmithMNOC80:00
Peterson FamilyMNOCDNF
Pete Curtis NR (15:06)

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