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Event Results

MNOC Meet Results for Gregg Pattison

Please tell us if these results don't look correct, or if the events listed don't match the ones you attended. Since all we have to go by is what you wrote on your punch card, it's possible we misread your name or confused you with another orienteer.

Lake Elmo Park ReserveApril 30, 2011
1:17:36 12 of 35
Battle Creek Regional ParkNovember 22, 2009
 Orange (4.4 km)
93:2721.2415 of 22
Katherine Abbott Park POCNovember 11, 2009
 Sprint + Micro (2.5 km)
Lebanon Hills EastNovember 1, 2008
 Vampire-O Loop C (4.3 km)
1:32:3021.513 of 7
Lebanon Hills EastApril 8, 2006
 Male Orange A (2.6 km)
48:2218.601 of 4

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